OLT “team colours” are available to all club members at competitive rates.


We have a range of kit available in all sizes. 

It is sourced from a UK supplier 'Gear Club' and order times are around 3 weeks

All the range comes with a one year warranty. 

The 'Kit Shop' will be opened up for orders 3-4 times a year. Details of the opening periods will be posted on Facebook and communicated to members via email.

The reason the shop will open periodically is to ensure we reach our minimum order requirements of 10 items each time. By placing orders in this way we are able to keep the cost to a minimum. 

We will have a range of 'try on' kit for sizing and if you wish to try before you buy I will make myself available at the lake before and during the periods when the shop is open.

Some items have the option of your name on the rear, this request has to be made at the point of order and cannot be added afterwards. If you do order an item with your name on it is not returnable for an alternative size. 

Once your new ordered item arrives I will inform you by email.

For Leybourne contingent collection will be on thursday evenings at Larkfield Pool.

For Canterbury contingent collection will be on Saturday mornings at Simon Langton Pool.

(Stock items will be available for immediate collection)

Kit Shop

Link to sizing guide

Any questions about kit please email James Evans at: